Yoshimura Japan’s GP-Magnum105 Cyclone exhausts are around the corner. The Japanese company will release the new slip-on pipe by September of this year, and it will come in three colors and have a vintage design that will mesh well with the GB’s retro look.

The slip-on is Yoshimura Japan’s first muffler for the Honda GB350 and one of many for Big H's other models. The body of the muffler is round and adopts a retro look with a cylindrical tube and stainless exhaust tip. It’s a simple design that suits the GB's retro look It can be had with various finishes, including stainless steel, stainless steel with a black carbon finish, and finally burnt titanium.

Style aside, all the mufflers are JMCA-certified and will pass Japanese car inspection compliances, Japanese noise regulations, and Japanese emissions regulations.

According to Yoshimura, power and torque outputs will be improved once this system gets installed. The performance benefits include weight savings, power gains, and torque increases. Ditching the stock system and going with this muffler will net a weight reduction of 1.3 kilograms or about 2.87 pounds with the ultra-light titanium model. The Titanium model was able to cut about a third of the weight compared to the 3.4-kilogram stock pipe of the GB (7.50 pounds). While the weight-saving numbers were published, the power and torque gains were not mentioned by the brand.

Yoshimura GP-Magnum Cyclone105
Yoshimura GP-Magnum Cyclone105

To tell you that it is a Yoshimura pipe, the brand slapped on its signature logo on the tail end of the muffler that is finished in metal and features embossed details and textures.

For about $375 USD (¥50,000 JPY), you can get the GP-Magnum105 Cyclone for the Honda GB350. Of course, “Yoshimura Quality” comes with the product, but the brand also bundles in a two-year product warranty with it. If you want to buy this exhaust, you have to wait for a little before Yoshimura offers it to the market. The release date for this product is scheduled for September 2022, with no specific release date mentioned.

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