Few aftermarket manufacturers have as many options as SW-Motech. With a plethora of accessories including luggage, protection, and aesthetics, SW-Motech’s catalog of products continues expanding and addressing the changing needs of motorcyclists. Now that fall is on its way, the brand introduced a new range of waterproof side bags called the SysBag WP that’ll let you continue riding without worrying about your stuff getting wet in the rain.

The SW-Motech SysBag WP comes in three sizes, but shares an identical base. This means you can easily switch to a smaller bag for shorter trips, and snap-on a bigger bag for longer, multi-day adventures. They can also be expanded to accommodate a tad more cargo. More specifically, the Small version offers 12 to 16 liters of storage capacity, while the Medium version bumps this up to 17 to 23 liters. The biggest of them all can haul from 27 to 40 liters of cargo.

SW-Motech Introduces SysBag WP Waterproof Side Bags In Time For Fall

Feature-wise, the SW-Motech SysBag WP is equipped with a waterproof TPU coating and a Roll-Top closure. This means not a drop of water will enter your luggage even in the harshest of downpours. Additionally, the SysBag WP also features the SW-Motech proprietary MOLLE attachment system allowing you to mix and match several accessories to increase the bag’s utility.

When you’re off the bike, it should be easy to carry the SysBag WP around thanks to reinforced carrying handles. Compression straps also keep your luggage tight and compact. The bags also include rings for attaching locks and reflective elements. As for dimensions, the Small version measures 32.5 x 16.5 x 33 centimeters, while the Medium version is 32.5 x 16.5 x 41 centimeters. Lastly, the Large measures 48 x 22 x 41 centimeters. Given these proportions, the bags can be fitted on a variety of bikes ranging from ADVs to sport-tourers either with straps or a specific mounting base.

As for pricing and availability, SW-Motech has priced the SysBag WP at 140 Euros (approximately $135 USD) for the Small version, 170 Euros, or around $164 USD, for the Medium, and 220 Euros (about $212 USD) for the Large. Additionally, the mounting base plate is available, depending on your bike, for 30 Euros to 50 Euros, or the equivalent of $29 USD to $48 USD per current exchange rates.

SW-Motech Introduces SysBag WP Waterproof Side Bags In Time For Fall
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