SW-Motech now has a bunch of goodies that bolt onto the Triumph Tiger Sport 660. Whether you need more accessories for your daily ride, or for added convenience and protection, take a gander and hold on to your wallets.

The Triumph Tiger Sport 660’s blazing a trail in terms of popularity. As a bike to take out on a long ride or on the daily, it makes for a decent middleweight that’s friendly and comfortable to ride. Based on the widely-popular Triumph Trident 660, the Tiger borrows its engine and puts it in a sport-touring format. I’d describe its seating position as upright and just right great for comfort and good enough for sporty riding. 

After taking care of the accessories for the Trident, it's now the Tiger's turn to get the same treatment. For SW-Motech’s lineup, you get the standard array of sport-touring accessories which include luggage racks, crash bars, tank rings, and even foot pegs with up to 36 different adjustment options.

SW-Motech - Triumph Tiger Sport 660 - Tank Ring
SW-Motech - Triumph Tiger Sport 660 - Luggage Rack
SW-Motech - Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Rear Luggage Rack

Luggage accessories for the Tiger 660 include a PRO tank ring which is compatible with SW-Motech’s PRO Micro, PRO Daypack, PRO Engage, and PRO Yukon WP models. If side bags are more your thing, SW-Motech provides a set of racks that are compatible with the PRO Blaze H bags that have capacities of up to 20 liters each. There are also SLC side frames for use with the Legend Gear series, or SysBag WP series of motorcycle luggage. Finally, there is a luggage rack that is made for fixing a top case to the rear of the bike and it also integrates with the Trax-adv top case, or the soft PRO Travelbag or Drybag 600 from SW-Motech.

SW-Motech - Triumph Tiger Sport 660 - Luggage

On the protection front, the Tiger 660 can be outfitted with crash bars from SW-Motech which is designed to protect the engine and fairings of the bike in the event of a tip-over. There is also a skid plate available which protects the exhaust pipes from debris kicked up by the front tire. The brand also has front fork protectors as well designed to protect the Tiger’s Showa suspension from getting roughed up in a crash.

SW-Motech - Triumph Tiger Sport 660 - Crash Guards
SW-Motech - Triumph Tiger Sport 660 - Skid Plate
SW-Motech - Triumph Tiger Sport 660 - Fork Sliders

In addition to all the standard touring amenities, SW-Motech also has a riser for the handlebar and EVO footpegs which are ideal for tuning the motorcycle’s riding position. The footpegs are a great upgrade for the model as it features up to 36 different adjustment options and its shift and rear brake levers can also be adjusted for reach.

SW-Motech - Triumph Tiger Sport 660 - Handlebar Riser
SW-Motech - Triumph Tiger Sport 660 - Adjustable pedals
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