It’s been about two years since the Triumph Trident made headlines around the world. Triumph’s smallest middleweight wowed fans all over the world thanks to its versatile platform and punchy performance from its inline-triple engine. Its time in the market has given accessory makers like SW-Motech plenty of time to design and produce high-quality accessories, and the brand has a complete lineup of parts for the bike.

Ranging from luggage, racks, various protection parts, windshields, and caps, the lineup of accessories is as complete as it comes. Whether you’re a weekend rider or a long-distance rider, SW-Motech’s got you covered with a bunch of protection parts, bags, cases, and also a windshield to make your Trident more livable as a daily or long-riding motorcycle. 

Starting out with the smallest pieces of equipment, the tank ring attachment allows for the use of SW-Motech PRO tank bags. Either the PRO Micro or the PRO Trial bags will be able to fit this accessory on the Triumph Trident opening up a world of possibilities for storage on the bike. Following that, you also have racks for side bags, and SW-Motech also carries a wealth of options that fit perfectly. Notable from the lineup is SW-Motech’s PRO Blaze H side bag set that attaches and detaches easily and adds 40 liters to the bike’s luggage capacity. These bags attach to SW-Motech’s SLC side racks that can either be finished in steel or powder-coated matte black.

You don’t have to be limited to semi-rigid luggage options either since SW-Motech also has the Legend Gear LC1 and LC2 bags in waxed canvas, measuring at 13.5 and 9.8 liters, respectively that fits the more retro-aesthetic of the Triumph. Though, if you want hard cases, the SW-Motech URBAN ABS models are made of a light and sturdy shell.

In case side cases aren’t you think, the PRO Roadpack adds storage to your bike without the bulk.

Protection parts are also available and quite necessary especially if you go far. SW-Motech has sliders, crash bars, lever protectors, a windshield, a grille for the headlight, and even an underbelly protector to keep your headers from getting pelted with pebbles or from getting bent and dented due to road debris or an accident.

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