Honda India has teased yet another model on its website just after the release of its brand-new naked streetfighter, the CB300F. Honda is likely targeting the entry-level commuter category once more with an improved version of its wildly successful Activa scooter, based on the teaser image, which depicts zoomed-in shots of a scooter bearing an uncanny resemblance to the affrodable scooter. 

The teaser image reveals the faint outline of a scooter's headlight and handlebar portion, which resemble the current Activa 6G identically. Furthermore, a more recent teaser image shows the front apron of the scooter which features twin LED indicators just like that of the Activa. The location of the Honda insignia on the top of the apron is also identical to that of the current generation Activa.

Is Honda Cooking Up A New And Improved Activa Scooter?

Two theories around the teaser are suggested by the Indian automotive publication AutoCar. The first is the release of a brand-new Activa 7G scooter. This may include major model upgrades as well as the potential for the introduction of several variants. Moreover, considering how long the Activa 6G has been on the market, it appears like launching the Activa 7G at this time would be fairly opportune. The second might just be a special edition of the current Activa 6G.

That being said, what can the Indian market expect from the updated Activa 7G scooter, should it launch anytime soon? Well, AutoCar speculates that Honda will release a slew of more premium features, however, retain the bike's super affordable price point. Ever since the launch of the Activa scooter, it never received alloy wheels, or let alone a front disc brake. It's expected that all this will change with the release of the new model. 

It's important to note that the Activa is one of Honda’s most important models in India, so it's absolutely critical that Honda hits the head on the nail with the new release. Having said all that, nothing is yet set in stone, and those who are eager to get their hands on Honda's updated budget-friendly scooter will have to wait just a little bit longer.

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