We already know that scooters are the most highly desirable mode of transportation in the Asian market, thanks to their affordability, convenience, and economy. It goes without saying that as more and more electric offerings hit the market, scooters will increase even further in popularity, as electric scooters have the potential to offer even more savings in terms of fuel, maintenance, and even road tax, in certain countries.

In Malaysia, in particular, a new player in the electric scooter game could soon enter the market, and possibly even be manufactured locally, further hinting at the possibility of a super-affordable electric scooter. According to The Edge Markets, the manufacturer of automotive components EP Manufacturing signed a contract in March with Sharkgulf Technologies Group and CIS Pride Silver Rock Fund for the production and sale of two-wheeled electric vehicles for Malaysia and other Southeast Asian markets, heralding further expansion in the electrified transportation sector.

Blueshark’s R1 Electric Scooter Soon To Be Manufactured In Malaysia

CIS is an investment fund run by Silver Rock Capital, Realchamp Asset Management, and The Pride Group, while Sharkgulf, located in China, makes electric scooters under the Blueshark brand. According to a similar statement made by EP Production, Malaysia would become the home of a manufacturing plant, as well as a sales and distribution hub for Blueshark electric two-wheelers.In order to provide Sharkgulf with technological know-how and resources, the group will is also set to establish a research and development center.

The Blueshark R1 electric scooter is made by Sharkgulf, and has an output rating of 5 kW and a whoppping 201 Nm of torque. It uses two 1,440 Wh batteries to power it. At 16 miles per hour, the advertised maximum range is 100 miles. The electric scooter has a top speed of 50 miles per hour, with a 0 to 30 mile-per-hour time of just 4.9 seconds. Without batteries, the Blueshark weighs 92 kilos and can support 200 kilograms of load. However, because of its 760 millimeter seat height, even novices will find it to be very approachable. Furthermore, front and rear disc brakes with combined-braking capability are in charge of stopping the vehicle.

Blueshark’s R1 Electric Scooter Soon To Be Manufactured In Malaysia

Its starter system comes with a fingerprint scanner, enabling two-factor verification before letting you turn it on and start using it. A 10-inch full-color touchscreen display serves as the bike's instrument cluster and displays data such as the battery's level of charge, remaining range, outside temperature, and others. According to the Blueshark website, there are 74 sensors in total on the Blueshark R1. The Blueshark R1 has front and back cameras that document the vehicle's movements, while rear-facing ultrasonic sensors keep track of how far other cars are from it as it travels.

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