When it comes to commuting-focused electric two-wheelers, manufacturers try their best to emulate the power and performance of smaller, gas-powered motorcycles and scooters. For the most part, the companies that have succeeded in doing so have gained quite a bit of popularity, especially in Europe and parts of Asia. In India, in particular, the Ola S1 electric scooter has proved to be quite an impressive runabout.

Following a similar commuter-focused approach, U.K. startup Zapp looks to inject a tad more performance to the good old electric scooter. Its newest creation, the i300, is still built with practicality and convenience in mind, however, it comes in a sportier package and packs just a tiny bit more performance than your run of the mill electric scooter. Zapp has tried to strike a balance inside the triangle of traits that characterize electric vehicles of today—price, range, and performance.

Is The Zapp i300 The Ultimate Commuter Electric Scooter?

When it comes to technology, the i300 packs a belt-driven electric motor that pumps out a maximum output of 20 horsepower. It’s good for a continuous power supply of 9.6 ponies, meaning it’s perfectly adequate for the zippy in-city commute. Technically speaking, it could hold its own against 125cc scooters, both in terms of acceleration and top speed. Zapp claims that the i300 can go from zero to 30 miles per hour in just 2.2 seconds. It takes 4.8 seconds to hit the scooter’s electronically limited top speed of 60 miles per hour, so it’s safe to say that the i300 is quite the fun-loving machine.

What’s a tad disappointing, however, is the scooter’s range which isn’t all that impressive at just 37 miles. Furthermore, Zapp claims that this range is achievable only when put in Eco mode, thereby zapping all the fun out of the equation. What serves as a bit of a consolation, however, is that Zapp claims a 20 to 80 percent charge time of just 30 minutes, as well as the fact that the battery is removable and can be charged separately from the scooter. I’m guessing this also means that you have the option of purchasing additional batteries to carry along with you for increased range.

When it comes to availability, however, there’s no word just yet when the i300 will go to market. The brand recently announced that it will be holding events to showcase the scooter in London, New York, Paris, Milan, Seoul, and Bangkok—indicative of the brand’s intentions of world domination. Priced at the equivalent of around $7,000, the Zapp i300 certainly isn’t cheap. Preorders are now open, with Zapp stating that deliveries are set to commence 12 to 16 week after ordering.

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