Who doesn’t love a Honda Monkey? OK, we’re sure there’s someone out there. For everyone else with joy in their hearts, though, here’s the Honda Donkey. It’s a custom build from Crazy Garage, Deus Ex Machina’s South Korean outpost. As the story goes, one day Honda Korea whispered in their ear, and CG basically said “cool, when can we start?” 

A Monkey presents so many customization opportunities because it’s simple, approachable, and manageable. Most of all, it seems almost impossible to take too seriously—which, even in stock form, sets it apart from a lot of other bikes. There’s a sense of fun lurking behind just about every bolt, and that entire mindset seems pretty infectious if you’re around a Monkey long enough. 

Thus, you see the Honda Donkey Mk I, crafted by Crazy Garage. It features a handmade slip-on exhaust canister, as well as some other modifications done by the shop. There’s also a whole host of aftermarket accessories from other specialists fitted, including a Pro-Taper handlebar to ramp up the fun, as you can see in the video. Another piece you’ll get a good, long look at is that distinctive Zeta engine guard, which proudly faces forward with each and every wheelie.  

Gallery: Honda Donkey Custom by Deus Ex Machina and Crazy Garage

Other choice bits include a sweet Öhlins STX36 twin rear suspension setup; SP Takegawa knuckle and headlight guards and a billet wide footpeg kit; an Outex steering stem stabilizer; a Cat S Factory tail cowl a Uni pod filter conversion kit, and a perfect Honda Racing Corporation tricolor paint job to finish it all off. 

The end result looks a bit tougher than a stock Monkey, bit somehow without losing an ounce of the fun character that really sets the Monkey apart from its mini-moto peers. It’s still recognizable as exactly what it is, just with a little more spice. It’s not clear if this particular Donkey is up for carrying large loads, but it’s definitely ready to have a whole bunch of fun while doing whatever it is the rider asks of it. The customizations are light, which can also encourage riders who want to DIY their own lightly-customized creation without breaking the bank. 

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