Honda recently released the Trail 125/CT125 as more and more people take to outdoor activities during the ongoing pandemic. While the new platform modernizes Team Red’s trail-going minimoto, many CT-series bikes are still in running order. Luckily, South Korean custom motorcycle shop Crazy Garage found such a pair of CT100s and outfitted them for weekend camping trips.

Based in Busan, Crazy Garage functions as Deus Ex Machina’s official Korean bike builder. With the country implementing intermittent lockdowns throughout the Covid 19 pandemic, many South Koreans reconnected with friends by reconnecting with nature. Camping trips quickly became popular as a result, and Crazy Garage’s San and Bada builds capture the population’s current fervor for the great outdoors.

Gallery: San & Bada: Honda CT100

The Korean word ‘san’ translates to ‘mountain’ in English, and the custom shop paints the little Honda in hunter green with safety orange accents to match that theme. On the other hand, ‘bada’ translates to ‘sea’, which Crazy Garage captures with a royal blue livery. Along with the different color schemes, the fraternal twins differ in wheel size. San touts a 17-inch rear and an 18-inch front wheel to overcome off-road obstacles while Bada cruises along on a 17-inch wheelset.

Aside from those minor differences though, the two CT110s receive the same treatment from Crazy Garage. Both gain scrambler-style handlebars and mufflers along with front and rear carriers for transporting camping essentials. San and Bada are more than mules, however, as the CG125 front end and extended rear shocks allow riders to have some fun off-road as well.

While the shop wraps the seats in two different stitching patterns, the single-seat keeps things light on the trail. Lastly, the new square headlights not only light the way but add some extra style points to the dynamic duo. The world may still be adapting to COVID-19, but at least San and Bada offer a great escape.

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