Ducati discontinued the flat track-styled Scrambler Full Throttle in 2021. With the Scrambler Nightshift featuring elements of café racer and flat track design, the Full Throttle became redundant, but Ducati Scrambler fans still have an appetite for the dirt oval. A new custom project by Italy’s Samy Garage and Greaser Garage proves as much, with the two custom shops turning a Ducati Scrambler into a bonafide flat track racer.

Sami Panseri runs Samy Garage from his workshop just outside of Milan, while Greaser Garage calls Genoa home. The two teams partnered to prep Panseri’s racing machine for the upcoming season, and the results are stunning.

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Nineteen-inch wheels have long been the standard for flat track racers, so the builders laced a set of stock Ducati Scrambler hubs to Desert Sled wheels and shod the hoops in Maxxis dirt track tires. The standard Scrambler swingarm didn’t accept the larger rear wheel, so Panseri and the team cut away a section for extra clearance. Bitubo fork cartridges and a rear shock adapt the chassis for the dirt oval and Greaser Garage removed the steering stops to increase the Scrambler's ability to slide through the corners.

Extra engine performance comes by way of the new intake system, ECU map, oversized headers, and SC-Project muffler. The partners completed the flat track aesthetic with a Bultaco Astro tail section, neoprene seat, custom handlebars, side panels, and a front number plate. With the Scrambler ready to hit the starting grid, the only thing left to sort was the paint.

“The stylized wings on the tank sides are an homage to the old Ducati logo,” revealed Greaser Garage photographer Matteo Scarsi. “Together with the silver shades and chrome stars, they give the bike a USA flavor, in honor of the country where this type of racing became famous. We tried to create something faithful to the heritage of the sport, that also could incorporate contemporary inspirations and ideas.”

Panseri plans to race the custom Ducati Scrambler at Krowdrace in Germany and at the Coppa Italia race in Italy this year. Even if the Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle is no more, you can bet Panseri will be pinning the throttle on the dirt track.

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