Tony Carbajal shows us how it's done.

As Kate mentioned, you shouldn't post YouTube videos of your motorcycle shenanigans and expect to avoid the attention of Johnny Law. When it's a closed road, you're professional stunt rider Tony Carbajal, and it's a video showing off GoPro's latest 4k 360-degree camera, though, it's a completely different story.

GoPro's 360 Max is one of a slew of new cameras that will capture everything going on around you. GoPro has been posting a series of videos showing what the 360 Max can do in a variety of action sport situations. Naturally, motorcycling is one of them. They brought in TC Stunts, also known as Tony Carbajal, to put the camera and his bike through their paces.

The result is a rather unique, if sometimes confusing, point of view that lets you see everything that TC is doing, even though the camera is mounted close by on the bike. Sometimes the world revolves around the bike. Other times the bike seems to revolve around the world, or even sit on top of it—often on one wheel, of course.

I found the funky camera angles in this video a bit disorienting, but I can definitely see the usefulness of a 360 camera on a motorcycle. Your camera will never be pointing in the wrong direction when crazy stuff goes down because it captures everything. You can also pay attention to the road without worrying about getting it all on video, which makes recording your adventures safer. With 4k video, you can crop and zoom into the part of the video you want while editing your epic motorcycle video.

If you're going to stunt, this is the way to do it, with or without the nifty camera.

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