Have you been to the Indian Motorcycle factory in Spirit Lake, Iowa, recently? Like a lot of places, the factory suspended its guided factory tours over the course of the pandemic. For those interested in learning more about Indian Motorcycle, its history, and the factory, the Indian Motorcycle Experience Center did still offer its video tours during this time. It wasn’t the same, but it was definitely better than nothing. 

Still, if you’ve been wishing that the guided tours of Indian Motorcycle would come back, we have good news for you. Although the exact date has yet to be announced, Sioux City Journal reports that guided factory tours should return sometime in summer, 2022, if all goes according to plan. The tours are complimentary, and usually last between 40 minutes and one hour. 

Although they’re free, they do require attendees to sign up in advance by either calling ahead or sending an email to factorytours@indianmotorcycle.com. Children aged five and over are allowed but must be watched closely by parents or guardians so they do not get hurt. Also, for safety reasons, anyone going on a factory tour must wear close-toed shoes. Photos and video are not allowed to be taken while you’re on the tour. 

In addition to learning about the history of Indian Motorcycle, attendees are taken through various elements of the assembly process. The paint shop is off limits, of course, because the environment must be carefully controlled in order to achieve a high degree of fit and finish. Attendees get to see Indian Motorcycle staff in action, working to assemble bikes from the engine to the completed machine. 

Alongside the factory is the Indian Motorcycle Experience Center, where a number of bikes—both modern and historic—are on display for visitors to appreciate. There’s also a gift shop, where visitors can purchase Indian Motorcycle merch on their visit. The Experience Center is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. through 3:00 p.m., excepting holidays. When the guided factory tours aren’t available, guests can view the video tour in the Experience Center during its normal operating hours.  

For more information, be sure to check out the Indian Motorcycle Factory link in our Sources. 

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