Motorcycle manufacturers have started dipping their toes into the e-bike market in recent years. From Harley’s Serial 1 city bikes to Ducati’s Futa road bike to Yamaha’s YDX Torc e-MTB, brands are appealing to a broad fanbase. Indian Motorcycle prefers a more laid-back approach, though. Partnering with electric bicycle specialists Super73, Indian presents eFTR Hooligan 1.2 e-bike.

While the firm’s competitors chase performance and practicality, Indian’s eFTR favors fun. The new e-bike leverages Super 73’s S2 platform but adds some style and attitude to match the Hooligan moniker. An inverted front fork, distinctive LED headlight, and flyscreen cite the eFTR’s motorcycle roots. However, the Hooligan 1.2 also draws from Super73’s design language.

Gallery: 2022 Indian eFTR Hooligan 1.2

Long-time Indian collaborator Roland Sands Design (RSD) previously partnered with Super73 for the RX Malibu model, and the tricked-out e-bike certainly inspires the eFTR Hooligan. Similar to the RSD variant, Indian’s e-bike features an extended bench seat and a mid-mounted battery to lower the bicycle’s center of gravity. Indian and Super73 also ditch the front and rear fenders, showing off the aggressive semi-knob tires.

“No other electric bicycle brand has defined itself as vividly as SUPER73,” claimed Indian Parts & Accessories VP Ross Clifford. “Its moto-culture DNA and outgoing, adventure-seeking passion for two-wheels make them the ideal partner for Indian Motorcycle.”

Styling aside, the eFTR Hooligan 1.2’s removable, 960-watt-hour battery nets users 75 in ECO pedal-assist mode. When riders solely rely on their right wrist, however, that range drops to 40 miles (at 20 mph). The Hooligan’s surprisingly sensible ride modes also help owners conserve range when necessary.

In Class 1 mode, the e-bike restricts speed to 20 mph with pedal-assist. Class 2 enables throttle operation and pedal-assist but maintains the 20-mph top speed and Class 3 bumph max speed to 28 mph with pedal assist. Once off the beaten path, the eFTR’s Off-Road mode cranks the power up to 2,000 watts and delivers speeds above 28 mph.

The Indian eFTR Hooligan 1.2 e-bike will start shipping in Spring 2022 and retail for $3,999.99. While the Indian-branded bike is more than $1,000 more than Super73’s $2,995 S2 e-bike, the Hooligan 1.2 has an attitude and style all its own.

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