Although Ducati has yet to release a full-fledged electric motorcycle, the House of Borgo Panigale had been dipping its toes into the electrification pond in the world of bicycles for a few years now. Those of you who are eMTB aficionados will certainly be familiar with the MIG-S pedal-assist enduro bike, as well as the race-ready TK01-RR. While these bikes have been updated for 2022, Ducati has released an all new model in the form of the Futa.

The Futa is Ducati's answer to road cyclists looking for an ultra-premium pedal-assist road bike to cover greater distances and higher altitudes. An avid cyclist myself, I found myself drooling at the level of tech Ducati, alongside Thok e-Bikes has thrown into this machine. If its $8,500 price tag means nothing to you, then you should definitely add this sleek machine to your fleet of two-wheelers. That being said, is this exorbitant price tag justifiable? Well, you be the judge. 

Ducati Adds Futa To 2022 E-Bike Range In Latest World Premiere

Ducati claims that the Futa is the embodiment of the next generation of pedal-assisted road bikes. It flaunts a fancy unidirectional carbon-fiber frame that's been engineered to offer the perfect balance of comfort, rigidity, and ergonomic efficiency. Pair all that with the gorgeous styling of none other than Aldo Drudi, and you have a road bike that's more than worthy of a second glance. 

At the heart of the Ducati Futa is the latest and greatest power unit in the world of e-bikes. FSA is a well-known brand in the cycling world. With some of the most premium components consisting of stems, handlebars, seat posts, cranksets, and other equipment, the Taiwanese company recently unveiled its e-bike power unit called the System HM 1.0. This is exactly what we find in the Ducati Futa, and it's capable of pumping out 250W of peak power and 42 Nm of torque. While that may not seem like much, it surely goes a long way in offering a very natural-feeling pedal assist, perfect for covering long distances and high altitudes. 

Ducati Adds Futa To 2022 E-Bike Range In Latest World Premiere

Similar to the fancy electronic rider aids we find in Ducati's motorbikes, the Futa features a torque and speed sensor to offer seamless power delivery across differing road and terrain conditions. This results in a consistent pedal feel that doesn't feel synthetic, thereby allowing the rider to perfectly tune the power output on every pedal stroke. It takes approximately three-and-a-half hours to fully charge the battery, which tips the scales at four kilograms. The bike can be connected to your smartphone via iOS and Android-specific apps. It also comes with a Garmin remote integrated onto the handlebar. 

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