Teaching kids how to ride bikes is a rite of passage for many. If you’re a motorcycle rider, though, and you have kids in your family, there’s probably some part of you that’s hoping they’ll follow in your footsteps one day. Enter CAKE’s newest lineup, which it’s calling the Kids Evolution Program. It’s a trio of bikes (Ready, Steady, and Go) designed to help kids learn the fundamentals of riding as they move up to their first motorbikes. Let’s take a look. 

Within this ecosystem, let’s say you have a very tiny child. Their life on two wheels can now start off with the CAKE Ready, which is a little gray-and-white, all-aluminum balance bike. It’s designed specifically for kids aged 1.5 to 4 years old, and it weighs just 6.6 pounds. This bike is meant to help kids develop their first concepts of balance, and is purely a push-type bike—no pedals are even involved just yet.  

The next rung in the ladder is the CAKE Steady, which is a gray-and-white, single-speed, 16-inch mountain bike. Its size and character are aimed at kids ages 3.5 years and older, and it weighs 15.4 pounds. Once you’ve mastered balance with the CAKE Ready, the CAKE Steady is here to help with fine motor and coordination skills—as well as getting both feet up off the ground via the pedals. 

Gallery: CAKE Kids Evolution Program

Incidentally, CAKE had some fun with the specs for these two non-powered bikes in its new kids range. Top speed for both is listed as “as fast as the mini version of yourself can push,” range gets the line “eat and sleep for unlimited range,” and the power figure is a stonking “eat your veggies for increased speed.”  

That leads us up to the final layer in CAKE’s Kids Evolution Program, and this time, it’s packing an electric motor. The CAKE Go is an electric off-road motorbike, aimed squarely at kids aged 6 and up. Top speed is 25 miles per hour, and the bike weighs 70.7 pounds when the battery is installed. Range is one hour on a single charge. Power is adjustable from 600 watts up to 1.5 kilowatts, and is left to the discretion of a kid’s parent or guardian.  

All three of CAKE’s new kids bikes start shipping worldwide on May 15, 2022. They’re all currently listed as being available in a “limited supply, first come, first served” basis, but CAKE hasn’t announced official numbers of how many will be produced. The CAKE Ready costs $225, the CAKE Steady costs $400, and the CAKE Go costs $3,500. All three are currently available to order via CAKE’s official website.

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