Are you looking for an extremely cool gift for a special kid in your life? More importantly, do you want it to both involve motorcycles and not cost a whole lot of money? If that’s you, then you may want to check out the wonderfully illustrated Big Book of Motorbikes

Written by none other than motorcycle racer and journalist Rennie Scaysbrook, the BBoM features colorful, vibrant illustrations by Asim Hussain that help the subject fairly leap off the page. While the presentation is clearly aimed at kids, it’s also a good choice for the kid in all of us—especially if that kid may just be starting to get interested in motorcycles. 

No dry, dusty prose to be found here. Instead, snappy and accessible tidbits easily jump from topic to topic, much like Toni Bou in a trials event. Subjects covered include the history of both motorcycling and manufacturers, an introduction to the major manufacturers, interesting facts about various records that have been set on motorbikes, and an introduction to electric motorcycles. 

Scaysbrook first published the book in October, 2021, and it’s available both in paperback and Amazon Kindle forms to cover a nice, wide audience. It’s a great surprise for riders who are both young and young-at-heart, and one filled with the kind of whimsy and joy we could all probably use right about now. 

It’s also worth noting that at the very beginning of the book, there’s even a dedicated section that explains about the importance of motorcycle gear without being overly dour. It keeps things light, fun, and inviting, but ably gets across the point that if you wear gear, and you fall down, you’re much more likely to be able to get up and give it another try. That’s the only way to improve your skills, after all—and that holds true for every rider at every age.

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