All these long months in isolation can make you want to reach out and, say, send a cake to show how much you care. After all, like a lot of people in quarantine, you could be working on your baking skills. Then again, you could also be developing a completely different set of CAKE-sending skills in your spare time. Just ask our Internet buddy, 2013 freeride MTB champion Sam Pilgrim.  

Now, we don’t actually know Pilgrim. However, we think it’s pretty safe to say—from our scientific observation of his YouTube channel—that the man just loves bikes, both powered and not. Unsurprisingly, he also loves jumps. So, if you, like us, were curious to know what it’s like to jump a CAKE Kalk Or, you should definitely take a few minutes to watch this video.  

Pilgrim is using a MOTO ramp from MTB Hopper, a company he’s worked with before. As their name suggests, they specialize in MTB ramps—and this one, like it says in the name, is specifically meant to handle up to 300 kilograms of weight (or 661 pounds). (Incidentally, my favorite non-jumping part of this video is when Pilgrim hooks the ramp onto the back of his Cake’s saddle, and then starts dragging it around behind him to his next sending zone. Bet you’ve never pictured a CAKE hauling anything behind it. Quality stuff.) 

When he’s starting out, he’s a little tentative. It could be because he’s warming up, or it could be because he didn’t try out this combination of bike and ramp before he started shooting this video. In any case, the truly great thing about this video is watching Pilgrim’s glee and giddiness visibly amp up with each new jump he tries. Sending the Cake over a giant snowball? I mean, wouldn’t you do that exact thing if you could? 

Uphills, downhills, soaring as easily as you please and then climbing back up for another go, Pilgrim makes it all look both ridiculously easy and insanely fun. By the end, he’s grinning and laughing his head off, and so are you if you’re watching this video. Are you itching to get outside and have a go of your own? Don’t worry, so are we. 

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