If you’ve been wishing you could have your CAKE and race it, too, your favorite Swedish electric off-road bike company has good news for you. For 2021, the company baked up two fresh, new, race-focused models on the Kalk platform. There’s a bunch of news to get to here, so let’s mix up this batter and get it in the oven.  

The new Kalk OR RACE and Kalk INK RACE take the existing strengths of the Kalk OR and Kalk INK and add a few key elements to make it much easier for MX racing. These upgrades include MX-specific wheels and hubs that were made just for CAKE better tires for the task, a higher front fender, and fork guards.  

If this sounds great to you and you already own a Kalk OR or a Kalk INK, don’t worry—CAKE isn’t leaving you out. An add-on RACE kit will also be available and, in fact, it should come out sooner than the full race bikes. December, 2020 is the due date for the RACE kit, while the Kalk OR RACE and the Kalk INK RACE will hit showrooms in March, 2021. Prices are $13,000 for the OR RACE, $11,000 for the INK RACE, and $2,100 for the RACE kit on its own.  

Cake Kalk OR RACE
Cake Kalk INK RACE

That’s great, but where are you supposed to race these electric motocrossers? Cake made another big announcement covering that: it’s starting an international electric motocross series, similar to Formula E. The first-ever CAKE One Design Race Series event already ran from September 5 through 6, 2020 in St. Tropez, France, and more events are planned for summer 2021.  

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This evolution of the company makes perfect sense, since it’s been concerned with the potential for electric motocross racing from the beginning. No calendar has been made public just yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated with any and all information on the series as it becomes available.  

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