Epic freeride motocrosser Tyler Bereman has been a very busy guy. He, Red Bull, and esteemed course designer Jason Baker from Dream Traxx have all been working hard on creating Red Bull Imagination, the first freeride course of its kind. 

You don’t have to go to Oz to find it, either. Bereman, Baker, and the rest of the build team carved some plains in Kansas to their liking to make this course. The team was kind enough to shoot a killer video of the construction, which gives a good, sped-up overview of how the site started—as well as how it ends up 

The idea was to create a “freeride distinguished platform,” so talented riders in the sport could compete in events where they’d be judged on a combination of the really important stuff—Creativity, style, technical skill, and getting massive air. Since Kansas is, well, extremely flat, the team had to get creative when it came to providing the necessary obstacles and jump surfaces. For example, they brought in a 40-foot storage container and put jump faces on the front and sides. They also crafted a dirt half pipe, as well as two gigantic jumps and an additional quarter pipe to help riders in their infinite quest to touch the sky.  

In doing this, Bereman hopes to grow the sport of freeride so it’s bigger than just social media. Creating an actual judged contest, where the best and brightest can compete and share their energy, seems like a great way to do it. Watching these guys make their machines do astounding things is totally mesmerizing.  

This video is the first in a three-part series about the construction and opening of this new course. Out in the world, the course opened on October 14, 2020—but there are two more videos coming to cover how it came to be, as well as its earliest days.  

If it’s entertaining enough to imagine participating in a build like this, just think about getting asked to come test this new course out, like fellow competitor Tom Parsons did. Just the small amount of testing you get to see in this video shows you what kind of things riders will be able to accomplish—and it’s very good, indeed. 

Sources: YouTube, Red Bull 

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