Motocross freeriding superstar Tyler Bereman grew up in a flat-track household, and knew all about the fun you could have getting your bike up in the air in his home state of California. You might say he’s the ideal candidate for Red Bull Motorsports and drone maker DJI to team up for one epic short film—and you’d be completely right. 

“One Shot” is a short film that’s meant to showcase what an effective tool a good drone can be when operated in the right hands. Red Bull and DJI got Johnny Schaer—better known by his YouTube name, Johnny FPV—onboard to pilot the drone. The result is, as Red Bull bills it, a “one-take send-fest.” There are clearly two pilots who are deftly guiding their craft through the air in this film: Tyler Bereman, and Johnny FPV.  

If you shoot enough footage, most of us can get a few decent short clips together here and there. If we have some basic editing software, we might even be able to put together a short little video of something entertaining, that we think is worthy of sharing with friends. That this entire composition was done in a single take is an astounding achievement, both on Bereman and FPV’s parts. Just … how? How do you do this? 

In any case, it’s some of the most thrilling, beautiful five minutes you’ll probably spend today. Take a little time, relax, go full screen, put your headphones on, and put your worries on the back burner for the moment. If you find yourself motivated to go out and do something exciting and cool later, so much the better. Not everyone wakes up this awesome, but most who do had an awful lot of practice to get as good as this. Don’t worry; just jump. 

Source: YouTube 

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