Los Angeles traffic is infamous. Whether you’re trying to get from East Los Angeles to Santa Monica or from Downtown to Hollywood, chances are you’re going to crawl along one of our notoriously clogged highways. Freerider Tyler Bereman and dirt bike surfer/stunt-rider extraordinaire Robbie Maddison find themselves in such a situation in one of Red Bull Motorsports’ latest YouTube videos. 

Like thousands of Angelenos every day, the pair battles mid-day traffic on Interstate 110 with a pair of dirt bikes loaded on the back of their pickup. However, unlike millions of Angelenos, Bereman and Maddison are world-class freestyle riders that can ditch the jammed freeways for hooning on the less beaten path—Los Angeles’ surface streets.

While the video doesn’t explicitly reveal the duo’s destination, if we’re assuming they’re attempting to escape L.A. for off-road riding in one of the nearby forests, deserts, or beaches, it seems like Los Angeles streets will do the trick. Looking to hit some berms? Just rip up the service roads under the freeway overpass. Want to launch over a double jump? The bed of a towtruck will suffice. Maybe you want more technical riding? Descending the steps of City Hall is a pretty good option.

Aside from Bereman and Maddison thrashing through Grand Park, backing it in onto Temple Street, or wheelieing just about everywhere they go, the two riders showcase their jumping skills with two dangerous stunts. First, Bereman races his Kawasaki KX450 down S. Grand Ave. and jumps the gap over Lower Grand Ave. Near the end of the video, Maddison launches his KTM off the 4th Street Bridge and into the depths of the L.A. River. 

Aside from the hair-raising stunts, Redbull’s YouTube factory pumps out another adrenaline-laced video with dizzying drone camerawork, tack-sharp editing, and a heart-racing soundtrack. We just wish they cut out the clumsy scripted bookends and elevator intermission, as it only slowed down the ADHD pace of the video. After all, we’re here for the riding, not the story and we shouldn’t have to wait 54 seconds to see our first burnout. 

Perhaps the most impressive facet of the video is that these guys are doing these stunts on dirt bike tires. For many, a supermoto set up would be most suitable for this style of riding, but if Bereman and Maddison don’t even have to change out their wheelsets, maybe they don’t need to escape L.A. after all. They have all the riding they need in the urban jungle. 

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