The first trailer of the 25th movie in the James Bond franchise was released on December 4. As we’ve covered already, it shows a handful of motorcycles in action, including a Triumph Scrambler 1200. Spectacular stunts are now a staple of the action-packed series, including motorcycle jumps and stunts of all genres. The upcoming No Time To Die is no exception and some locals were in the front row of one of the most spectacular stunts teased in the trailer. 

In an attempt to continuously up the ante, the stunts are getting bolder in each new feature. From Pierce Brosnan jumping off a cliff on a motorcycle to get into a plane in Golden Eye to Daniel Craig riding flipping a guy off a dirt bike in Quantum of Solace—it’s all about blowing the spectactors’ minds and defying (or ignoring) the laws of physics. In the upcoming No Time To Die, the stunt that got people talking is the one in which the rider (James Bond’s stunt double) uses an arch as a ramp to jump over a wall. 

The scene was filmed in Matera, Italy where the residents got to watch the stuntman do his thing in front of the cameras. This resulted is a series of videos captured by the residents that gives us a glimpse of how things unfolded behind the scenes of the mega-production. 

Earlier in the trailer, James Bond can be seen straddling a Scrambler 1200. While the trailer seems to suggest that 007 completes the jump on the Triumph, the videos shared by the locals clearly show a dirt bike modified to look like the Triumph from far away. 

Also, rather than use an arch as a ramp to propel the bike upwards, an actual ramp has been set up for the jump. Sorry if that ruins the magic a little bit. The fly over the wall and the landing, however, are all real which adds to the effect. 

You can CGI as much as you want but there’s nothing quite like the feel a real, orchestrated action scene and I’m happy to see that the jump is genuine and that there not everything coming out of Hollywood requires a green screen.

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