Swedish e-bike company CAKE revealed its off-road-focused Kalk INK in March, 2020. Taking motocross cues for its suspension, this bike is simpler than its earlier Kalk OR and Kalk& models—and crucially, more affordable. It’s unsurprising, then, that the company introduced its dual-sport version, the Kalk INK SL (street legal) in April, 2020

Only one month separated those two announcements, almost as though CAKE staggered them to give each appropriate breathing room for maximum impact. At the end of July, 2020, everyone’s favorite Swedish bike bakery (bikery?) announced that it’s now shipping both Kalk INK and Kalk INK SL models worldwide. 

“The Kalk INK platform is a freeride dream. It is truly exciting to expand CAKE’s product line-up with a no-compromise, premium bike that has the potential of reaching an audience that is beyond our current customer base,” said CAKE founder and CEO, Stefan Ytterborn. “With the Kalk INK series of motorbikes, we’re on a journey of inviting and inspiring new users to the surreal experience of flying down a trail with ease—without polluting or disturbing.” 

Gallery: CAKE Kalk INK and INK SL

Electric bikes still make some noise, so it’s unclear how undisturbed the local wildlife will be if you’re planning to ride up and do some nature photography while you’re exploring trails. Still, it’s nice to see more options available for folks who are looking for capable electric off-road machines.  

Meanwhile, the Kalk INK SL offers headlight, brake lights, turn signals, an LED display, a foot brake and a license plate holder. It’s totally street-legal both in the EU and the U.S., and it can reach speeds of over 56mph. The Kalk INK has an MSRP of US $9,500, while the Kalk INK SL’s is $10,500. For anyone who was wanting to have a little piece of CAKE and eat dirt, too while we’re all keeping our distance, your long wait has finally come to an end.  

Source: CAKE 

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