The Red Dot Award has become established internationally as one of the most prestigious prizes for design. Given to products that have pioneered a shift in the industry by way of enhancing the user’s experience through design, it is undoubtedly a much coveted award to behold. In order to be granted this award, a jury composed of some forty international experts will subject a new product to a battery of rigorous tests, individually evaluate it, and discuss their findings as a group. With the advent of electric motorcycles in full swing, innovations in this industry are bound to catch the eye of the Red Dot Award.

As such, it was with much pride and honor that CAKE, a Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer, received this award for the second time. This time for their Ösa model, a lightweight, modular designed, utility scooter. Last year, CAKE won the same Red Dot Award for their performance oriented off-road electric motorcycle, the Kalk—a machine we featured a couple of weeks ago. 

CAKE prides itself as a company that seeks to accelerate the shift into all-electric means of personal transport for environmental sustainability and cost efficiency. They also embody the spirit of fun and adventure, as all of CAKE’s electric bikes and scooters are designed for exploration, both on and off road. As mentioned above, the Kalk line of electric off-road motorcycles was highly acclaimed upon its launch in 2018. Apart from receiving the Red Dot Award, the Kalk was also recognized as Best In Show at the 2018 Outdoor Retailer Show in Denver, where it made its debut. The Ösa, on the other hand, was launched in November 2019 and has also won numerous awards such as the 2020 IF Design Award and Gear Junkie’s Best In Show at the 2020 Outdoor Retailer Show. 


Derived from the diversity of its intended users, the Ösa features a very practical platform that’s easy to ride. The inspiration for its design is the humble workbench, as seen by the seat assembly on the top of the frame. Apart from being a key aesthetic factor, the workbench design also allows the users to have endless configurations for clip-on luggage ranging from baskets, to side bags, to various racks and storage options. CAKE brags that there are over 1,000 ways to configure your Ösa for your personal needs. 


To add even further to the Ösa’s impressive utility, its powerful battery with multiple outlets doubles as a charging station enabling the rider to charge anything ranging from a mobile phone to power tools. It has a modest top speed of 30 miles per hour, and starts at $6,500. Yes, a decent mid displacement motorcycle can be bought for that much money, but the fact that the Ösa is so versatile and showcases technology that seeks to define the future of personal mobility is something worth looking at. Feel free to check out more of CAKE’s innovations here

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