The electric motorcycle industry is booming with new and unique offerings from manufacturers all across the world. With motorcycles designed for street use still being the most popular segment of electric motorcycles, off-road specific electric motorcycles are also growing in popularity. 

The benefits of riding an electric motorcycle both on and off road are clear as day, with environmental sustainability by way of zero emissions being chief. However, when it comes to off-road riding, a major aspect that needs to be taken into consideration is a different kind of pollution: noise. 

A Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer named CAKE has occupied specifically this space in the market. Their mission is to accelerate society’s move towards zero-emissions without compromising the thrill and enjoyment that comes with motorcycling, specifically off-road. As such, they have a line of pretty impressive electric motorcycles, the latest of which would be the Kalk INK. Positioned as a causal off-road electric motorcycle, it draws heavy inspiration from the ergonomics and riding characteristics of enduro and downhill mountain bikes. Featuring a 19 inch wheel set, and robust front suspension derived from motocross bikes, it surely proves itself as capable off-road. 

Prior to the release of the Kalk INK, CAKE had two variants of the Kalk line of bikes. The Kalk OR and then Kalk&. The Kalk INK presents itself as a simpler and more lightweight bike by way of its link-less rear suspension. The Kalk OR on the other hand is a performance oriented, non street legal electric motocross bike, and the Kalk& is its road going counterpart. 

The Kalk INK features black injection molded polycarbonate and ABS plastic bodywork—with its name, INK, referring to the dark colored trim. It propels itself to a decent top speed of a little over 50 miles per hour and a total ride time of up to three hours, depending on how hard the rider pushes the bike. 

The Kalk INK will retail for $9,500 and will be made available directly through Cake’s website starting June 1, 2020. Yes, this price point is still pretty steep for what is essentially an electric mountain bike. Nonetheless, the Kalk INK is a good indication of the evolution of off-road motorcycling. 

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