Are you the type of person who likes to build stuff when they get bored? If so, you’ll want to see just what 2013 Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour champion Pilgrim did to this poor mountain bike. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry—but most importantly, you’ll want to go out and get dirty

There’s no telling just how much weight Pilgrim added to that obviously very light mountain bike when he stuffed that tiny little 80cc motorcycle engine into the frame. Still, it harks back to the beginning of motorcycling history, when the first enterprising moto inventors thought that powering their bicycles with engines would be the height of modern convenience. There’s something beautiful about that.

That is, until it all goes terribly wrong, as you already knew it would from the title. How many times have you decided to modify something on your bike, only to have it not go exactly as you planned? Pilgrim added the most adorable little crescent exhaust, switched out a teeny-tiny carburetor for a slightly larger one, and added a fancy air filter. As some YouTube commenters noted, the carbs probably need adjusting—but at least the end result is running, if not doing so perfectly. That's most of the way there, right? Right.

After the tweaks, Pilgrim and fellow MTB pros Tom Cardy and Pilgrim’s brother Lewi all show up to enjoy the fun of cranking that thing through a short course in a wooded area. Having never built a mountain motorbike myself, it looks encouraging! Evidently, Pilgrim doesn’t think so. At the end, he decides that he just needs a new petrol-powered bike, and off he rides to tear it up on his RM 125. 

To be fair, isn’t that the same math every motorcyclist does? I mean, everyone knows that the correct number of bikes is always n + 1, where n is equal to the current number of bikes you have. 

Source: YouTube

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