Ducati first showcased the Desert X concept back in 2019 during EICMA. However, back then, it was clear that the machine really was just a concept. However, following positive feedback from fans and stakeholders, the House of Borgo Panigale decided that it would be a good idea to make this bike a reality. Initially, it was based off of the Scrambler 1100, however, the production model would go on to sport some key differences.

Introduced in December, 2021, in one of Ducati’s World Premiere episodes, the DesertX was unlike anything we’d ever seen from the Italian manufacturer. It is by far the most off-road oriented model in Ducati’s lineup, even more so than the already burly Desert Sled. As for its powerplant, the DesertX sports Ducati’s new Testastretta 90-degree V-twin.

Basically the same engine we find in the new Ducati Monster, it takes the form of a 937cc, 90-degree V-twin with Desmodromic valve actuation. Rated at around 110 horsepower, the DesertX is sure to be a hoot both on the street and trail. A shortened ratio across the first five gears makes for intense acceleration and better leverage off-road, too. A longer sixth gear allows riders to effortlessly cruise the highways, too, ready to seek the next adventurous thrill.

Now, on paper, as well as in the press photos, the Ducati DesertX certainly looks like one of the best middleweight adventure bikes currently available. It’s really just a matter of waiting for the bike to actually make it to stores for us to try firsthand. All that being said, it would appear that the wait is over, as Ducati is now launching the DesertX Tour in the U.K. Ducati gives fans and would-be buyers of the new adventure bike the chance to get up close and personal with the new DesertX.

The DesertX Tour in the U.K. will run from April 7 to May 12, 2022, from 6PM to 8PM in select Ducati dealerships. A complete list of participating dealers is available in the source link below. The tour will feature several Ducati specialists ready to answer questions about the DesertX. The bike’s extensive accessory and apparel catalog will also be featured. Furthermore, test rides can also be booked during the tour, and customers will be eligible for a demo once stocks arrive in-store.

2022 Ducati Desert X - Jump
2022 Ducati Desert X - Hill

At present, the Ducati DesertX is already open for reservations, and starts at $16,795 USD. If you’re hellbent on adding this gorgeous adventure bike to your collection, be sure to contact your nearest Ducati dealer to reserve a slot. The bikes are slated to hit showroom floors in June, 2022.

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