Peugeot Motocycles (no, that isn't a typo) has previously dabbled in the world of two-wheelers. The company released a number of two and three-wheeled scooters in the past. Now, renderings of a probable ADV scooter from the French firm have surfaced online. Although there is no official confirmation, the design appears to be finished and has the potential of becoming an actual model.

The French company appears to be on the verge of introducing a scooter in the ADV segment. Honda, with the X-ADV, has already laid the groundwork and solidified its presence even further with the release of the recent ADV 350. As such, the adventure-scooter game has become a rapidly growing sub-segment of scooters where the practicality of a scooter is combined with the dynamic versatility of an adventure bike.

In an article published by Bennets, photos of the would-be scooter were published. The photos show CAD drawings of a scooter with clear off-road inspiration, highlighted by dual-sport tires and long-travel suspension. The drawings are most likely from Mahindra's Asian patent offices, which in 2019 took over 100% of the two-wheeled branch from Peugeot. Following this agreement, there was talk of presenting seven new models by 2021, but the pandemic and all of the obstacles that came with it have surely slowed the implementation of the French House's programs. Mahindra, for those unaware, is one of the biggest automotive companies in India.

As things stand, the drawings appear to be pretty similar to what we can expect in a production model. The rear-view mirrors and license plate mount are depicted, and the dual front brake discs with radial-mount calipers, upside-down fork, and the rear monoshock all seem decent component specs for a scooter of this caliber. Other adventurous design elements include the exhaust, which seems to be in an upswept orientation. The header pipe seems to be at an odd angle though, and looks like it could easily snag in rough, uneven terrain.

The engine appears to be a 400 cc single-cylinder engine from the three-wheeled Metropolis, rated at 36 horsepower at 7,250 rpm and a maximum torque of roughly 28 ft-lbs at 5,750 rpm. Furthermore, the upcoming ADV scooter will most likely be more nimble than the Metropolis due to its lighter weight. It's still too early to say when or if we'll see it disclosed; there have been no official announcements, and no reports of prototype sightings during testing that would allow us to gauge the development's progress.

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