It’s been a little while since we last heard from Austrian stuntman Günter Schachermayr, but that particular Vespa stunt deficiency in your Internet diet ends today. Back in August, 2021, he rode (sorta) down a Slovakian chimney on a Vespa. Why? Probably so we’d ask why, but that’s how attention-getting stunts work, isn’t it? Who needs to make sense? That is SO BORING, you guys. 

Anyway, in March, 2022, Schachermayr is back at it with a new Vespa trick up his sleeve. We imagine he woke up one morning and asked himself, “what if Vespa, but tugscoot?” That’s right, in this video, for some reason Schachermayr is using an orange Vespa as an aircraft tug on a runway. The plane in question isn’t a giant passenger aircraft, of course. It’s a considerably lighter-weight little Cessna, but still. (Did he choose Cessna because it goes so nicely with Vespa when you say both aloud? Only he knows for sure.) 

There’s a little more to this stunt than simply attaching a tow rope between a regular Vespa and the plane, though. Although the plane is comparably light as measured against some other aircraft, the scooter engine powers the rear wheel, and the weight of the rider also sits over the rear wheel. Those facts, combined with the realities of tugging any type of hefty thing behind the scoot, basically meant that Schachermayr was going to be doing a wheelie the whole time no matter what. 

If you know there’s no need for that front wheel anyway, why not take it all the way off? That’s apparently what he did, and we’d guess he did it not only for show—though, of course, there IS that. Taking the unused front wheel off also lessens unsprung weight up front—and probably also improves the level of balance required to execute this stunt successfully.  

The end result that you can see in this video, while certainly not the fastest stunt, is filled with Schachermayr constantly shifting his legs around to keep good balance as he steadily pulls that plane on down the runway with his one-of-a-kind monowheel Vespa conversion. Hey, slow-speed maneuvering is important on bikes and scooters, you guys! Look what you can do if you master it! 

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