When Yamaha unveiled the 2022 XSR900, it pushed the modern-classic into new territory—the ‘80s. Commemorating the iconic Sonauto-Yamaha Grand Prix team, Iwata outfitted the XSR in a vibrant blue/yellow livery and added a stubby tail end to complete the look. Team Blue may have moved the XSR900’s design inspiration one decade ahead, but Yamaha’s Japanese accessories brand Y’s Gear proves it isn’t over the ’70s with the XSR900 Craft Build kit.

Similar to Triumph’s collaboration with Gibson, the Craft Build set favors a sunburst finish. While the warm orange hue draws the eye, Y’s Gear amps up the contrast with gloss black base paint on the fuel tank cover, tank center cover, and side panels. Black-painted fenders and accessories further highlight the sunburst insert, but a bronze Yamaha tuning-fork logo and gold XSR900 nameplate on the side panels accent the paint job.

Gallery: Yamaha XSR900 Craft Build Kit

Complementing the two-tone paint job and gold accents is a brown faux leather saddle with textured side panels. During Japan’s 2022 motorcycle show season, Y’s Gear will tour the Craft Build kit on an XSR900 equipped with Ohlins suspension, aftermarket exhaust silencer, an integrated license plate holder, and mini LED indicators.

Though the show bike will be completely tricked out, the Craft Build kit only includes the hand-painted fuel tank side and center covers, side panels, and seat. Unfortunately, the set will only be offered in Japan for ¥198,000 ($1,625 USD), and only fits 2016-2021 XSR900 models. For those interested in fully replicating Y’s Gear’s XSR900 on display at the Japanese motorcycle shows, the brand also sells the Ohlins suspension and exhaust system found on the custom bike.

Y’s Gear isn’t a stranger to the XSR900/MT-09 platform either. At the Osaka Motorcycle Show, the firm unveiled the MT-09 Cyber Rally concept to mixed reception. While the futuristic, alien design may have scared some viewers off, the throwback Craft Build kit is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

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