Yamaha gave the MT-09 a facelift when it introduced the latest generation model in 2021. While the headlight design evolved from bug-eyed to full-fledged alien, the new light cluster modernizes the naked sportbike. Apparently, the cosmetic upgrade isn’t futuristic enough for Team Blue, as the brand unveiled the MT-09 Cyber Rally at the 2022 Osaka Motorcycle Show.

The MT-09 is no stranger to Yamaha’s design exercises. At EICMA 2013, the firm presented the MT-09 Street Rally to the public. The supermoto-styled rendition didn’t hit the showroom floor, but the headlight cowl, integrated handguards, side number plate, tank shrouds, and fork covers amped up the MT-09's hooligan attitude. Yamaha designers returned to the well for the 2022 MT-09 Cyber Rally, but the new concept takes the urban rally idea to the next level.

2014 Yamaha MT-09 Street Rally
2014 Yamaha MT-09 Street Rally

Just like its predecessor, the Cyber Rally takes a leaf from the supermoto book. The MT-09 receives also receives a small windscreen and handguards integrated into the new headlamp. This time, however, the handguards now boast a carbon fiber construction and streamlined form. The antenna-like shape increases the MT-09's alien aesthetic, but that look doesn’t stop at the head.

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Yamaha also adds new radiator shrouds to the Cyber Rally. The larger units not only add extra coverage to the naked bike, but gills help manage airflow, shuttling hot air off the engine and away from the rider. Finally, Team Blue ditches the stock, underslung exhaust in favor of a new system with an extended silencer.

We should note that all the parts bolted onto the Cyber Rally come by way of Yamaha accessories partner Y’s Gear. Neither firm has confirmed whether an MT-09 Cyber Rally kit will become available following the Osaka Motorcycle Show. Yamaha may have given the MT-09 a facelift in 2021, but the Y’s Gear’s Cyber Rally bodywork pushes that futuristic design even further.

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