How much do you love your Yamaha Ténéré 700? If you appreciate the laid-back modern approach but would prefer a more retro aesthetic, French body kit specialist Crispy Club may just have what you need. Based in Paris, they’ve designed their Ténéré 700 Heritage Kits to bolt right on to your T7, so all you have to do is take delivery of your bike’s sick new look. 

Designed to echo some of the best styling cues from the ‘80s, the Heritage kits come in your choice of several colorways. If none of them suits what you have in mind, though, there’s also a Raw Parts version available as well, that you can paint yourself. Since it comes unpainted, it’s also the least expensive of all of Crispy Club’s available T7 Heritage kits, which both makes sense and could mean more money in your pocket for those other mods you’ve been eyeing. 

Of CC’s available pre-painted colorways, though, the Heritage 1VJ option is clearly the standout. Boasting a bold blue and gold colorway, you can practically see yourself blasting over dunes at Dakar when you see it. That’s of course not to say that the other T7 painted kits are lacking in some way, but there’s always going to be a frontrunner, isn’t there? 

Gallery: Crispy Club Yamaha Ténéré 700 Heritage Body Kit

These kits are made to fit all 2019 to 2021 Yamaha Ténéré 700s, and include two front tank scoops, a headlight plate with integrated LED light, speedometer offset, high mudguard, and high fender kit. While it isn’t currently posted, Crispy Club also advises that a video will be posted soon showing exactly how to install this kit, to help simplify the process for customers. It’s not clear if any hardware is included, so you may need to reuse the existing hardware that holds your stock bodywork in place. 

Prices start at €2,400 ($2,676) for the Raw Parts Kit, move to €2,900 ($3,233) for a Painted Kit in your choice of Competition White, Ceramic Ice, Power Black, or Rally Sky Blue, and cap at €3,900 ($4,348) for the Heritage 1VJ kit. As of January 28, 2022, CC says on its webpage that orders placed now should be delivered sometime in March, 2022. Orders should also ship to European countries within 7 to 10 working days of placing your order. 

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