Denali is one of the best known suppliers of motorcycle electronic equipment. From LED lights, horns, auxiliary lighting, and switches, the company has everything you need to turn your street or adventure bike into a night-conquering steed. It’s extremely popular among ADV enthusiasts and long distance tourers, with products like the SoundBomb air horn, and various lighting kits making bikes safer and more capable.

The company has recently introduced its newest technology. It’s called the DialDim, and it’s an intuitive lighting controller that is compatible with all motorcycles with a 12V charging system. It allows you to brighten or dim the lights connected to the controller very easily and without having to take your hands off the controls. How is this useful, you may ask? Well, in some countries, there are strict rules when it comes to lighting, as well as the brightness of the lights being emitted by a vehicle. Naturally, if you’re traversing along a busy motorway, you’d like to keep your lights at just the right level of intensity so as not to blind those ahead of and approaching you.

Get Adventure-Ready With Denali’s DialDim Lighting Controller

Conversely, if you find yourself in the middle of a pitch-black mountain pass in the middle of the night, you’re certainly going to want to have the brightest, farthest-reaching lights. Denali’s DialDim controller allows you to control the brightness of your bike’s lights, regardless of your setup. The controller is available in plug-and-play options, as well as in a universally compatible package. You can wire your bike’s stock lighting onto the system, as well as auxiliary lighting if your bike is outfitted with such a setup. Even your turn signals can be wired into the system.

Denali has released plug-and-play harnesses for several popular adventure bikes. This means that you won’t need to cut and splice any precious stock wires from these bikes. The list includes the Harley-Davidson Pan America, Honda Africa Twin, Yamaha Tenere 700, and the newest generation of Kawasaki’s KLR 650.

The Denali DialDim system incorporates a whole host of features including standard on/off and dim. The DialDim switch allows you to control two sets of lights, and adjust the brightness of each individually. It even has the option for you to synchronize your high and low beam switches to your aux lights, allowing them to double as a pass light or high beams. Stealth Mode, which sets the brightness to zero, allows you to run with your lights off, for whatever reason, and immediately switch to 100-percent brightness once you tap the high beam switch.

Denali’s DialDim system comes with so many more features, and is essentially the ultimate lighting controller even the most die-hard of ADV enthusiasts could ever ask for. As such, it’s no surprise that the product is pretty expensive. Prices range from $274.99 USD to $289.99 USD, depending on your specific make and model.

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