As we move through December, 2020, maybe you’ve already put some holiday lights up. If you’d rather put lights on your bike than anywhere else, Denali Electronics may have just the answer. The S4 LED Light Kit offers 3,000 lumens per pod—which is probably much brighter than you’d ever want any string of holiday lights to be. 

Each S4 pod features two flood optics and two spot optics that create a hybrid beam pattern in a single housing, according to Denali. They’re also IP67-rated, and are both waterproof and submersible—so if you want to take your bike through a romp through some water, it won’t be the lights that have problems. 

If you’re worried about heat, Denali thought of that, too. Each S4 kit comes with the company’s LiveActive Thermal Management cooling system to keep them from overheating. They also come with two S4 LED light pods, a standard single-intensity wiring harness, two hinge mounts with M8 stainless steel hardware, four zip ties, and an adhesive mounting square. Also, if you get a DataDim controller (sold separately), you can upgrade your S4 kit to a dual intensity setup that automatically switches between half- and full-intensity using your bike’s existing high beam switch. 

Gallery: Denali S4 LED Light Kit

What’s it cost? The S4 kit draws 4.6 amps from your electrical system, and will run you $265 to purchase. If you’ve been looking to upgrade your light system, and you’ve also been looking for a nice project to work on over the winter, this may just be an option for you. There’s nothing like actually being able to see where you’re going in the dark, no matter what type of riding you’re doing. Winter is the perfect time to make your two-wheeled baby even better than it was before, in plenty of time for the spring. 

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