As we’re winding down 2020, we’re also moving through the holidays with family and friends. In such a weird time, we’re especially grateful to have the people we care about in our lives, and we know you are, too. 

Is there a special someone in your life who you know would enjoy riding as much as you do, but who just hasn’t had the chance to learn how? If so, Harley-Davidson may have just the thing to help. They’re giving away 500 Harley-Davidson Academy riding classes through the end of 2020—and your loved one could be a winner! 

If that’s not exciting enough, every person who wins a Harley-Davidson Academy riding class will also win a $200 gift card to pick out some sweet new riding gear before taking that class! That’s also good because it’s like a time-release gift: your loved one gets to enjoy shopping for gear now, and looking forward to the class later.  

Harley-Davidson Riding Academy - Exercises

How do you enter? The Motor Company is doing it all on Instagram and Twitter, so if you’re already on either or both of those platforms, it’s simple. In both cases, you’ll need your favorite Harley-Davidson motorcycle image handy. Post it on your Instagram or Twitter account and @mention the loved one you want to nominate for a free class. Be sure to also use the hashtags #GiftOfRiding and #Giveaway (this is not either/or, per the rules) and you’ve successfully nominated your future rider!  

Winners will be picked at random from Instagram and Twitter entries that follow these rules. This contest is open between November 18 and December 31, 2020. If the future rider you’ve nominated wins, you will also receive a $100 gift card for your own personal use.  

Harley-Davidson Riding Academy classes are offered through select dealers, from certified coaches. Over a few days, new riders will learn to ride using real bikes, on a closed practice range, in a very attentive and student-focused environment. If you have a future rider in your life who would love to learn, what could be better? 

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