Just about everyone loves a Honda Monkey. It’s simply a fact. So, let’s say you’re Honda, and you’re thinking about special, limited-edition Monkeys you can create. It’s fair to say you want something well-known and popular, so why not choose the long-running multimedia empire that is One Piece? I mean, the main character’s first name is MONKEY. Someone here is clearly a bona fide brain genius! 

Anyway, if you haven’t already guessed, Cub House by Honda in Thailand is back at it again with two more limited-edition, exclusive Honda Monkeys based on two popular characters from the extremely popular, long-running anime series One Piece. The anime series is, of course, based on an even longer-running manga series of the same name by Eiichiro Oda.  

If you’re curious about how popular it is, the One Piece manga series set a new Guinness World Record back in 2015 for the title of “most printed comic series by one author ever.” The series started in December, 1997, and it’s still going now—with no end in sight. As of June 26, 2015, the series’ record-setting sales clocked in at 320,866,000 books sold—and, we’ll repeat, that record-setting sales figure is nearly seven years old at the time of writing. The anime is, if anything, even more popular worldwide—and, much like the manga, shows no real signs of slowing down its momentum. 

Gallery: Cub House x One Piece Honda Monkey Limited Editions

The series centers on a core group of characters, the leader of which is named Monkey D. Luffy. To broadly oversimplify 20+ years of storytelling, Luffy forms a band of Straw Hat Pirates, and they have adventures as they seek out a mysterious treasure called One Piece. If you’re unfamiliar with it, but are also interested, there are plenty of explainers to get you better acquainted with the series and its characters. 

Back to the Cub House x One Piece limited-edition Monkeys. There are two versions available: the Monkey Monkey D. Luffy Edition, and the Monkey Tony Tony Chopper Edition. For those unfamiliar, Tony Tony Chopper is a reindeer who is also an incredibly skilled doctor. Despite his diminutive size, he is also absolutely not to be underestimated—which makes him the perfect mascot for a Honda Monkey, don’t you think? 

Each Cub House x One Piece Monkey comes in a strictly limited edition of 150 bikes worldwide. Each has special details that set it apart, from special graphics to colorful carbon fiber side covers (silver for the Monkey D. Luffy one; pink for the Tony Tony Chopper one). Each limited-edition Monkey also comes with a tank pad that indicates what number in the series your bike is.  

Cub House also opted to go all-out for the new owners of these Limited-Edition Monkeys, and is issuing special Limited Treasure Set packages to each new owner of a Cub House x One Piece Monkey. Like the Monkeys themselves, the Limited Treasure sets are theme-matched to your Luffy/Chopper bike choice. We’re talking about a helmet that matches your new bike, a bike cover, serial number key chain, racing mat for your floor, brochures, and even nice Wanted posters you can hang up for your favorite pirate.  

These two Cub House x One Piece limited-edition Honda Monkeys will be available at all Cub House locations throughout Thailand. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, so you’d better move quickly if you want one.

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