During the Bangkok International Motor Show in March, 2021, we had our first introduction to the Thai release of the 2021 Honda Monkey. It features the newly-updated 125cc engine first introduced in the Honda GROM, mated to a five-speed transmission.  

While the normal Monkey is offered in three colorways for the Thai market (yellow, red, and black duo-tone paint), Thai Honda’s CUB House is doing something even cooler. As it’s done in the past, it’s offering a range of Monkey Special Editions at its locations throughout the country. The first two have already been introduced, and I’m not honestly sure that you have a pulse if you don’t want at least one of them. Let’s take a look. 

Well before K-Speed introduced its Gundam GROM kit, CUB House introduced its officially-licensed Gundam Monkey at the end of 2020. Around the same time, it made its first mention of the impending Bobby Banana edition Monkey, which leans extremely hard into CUB House’s mischievous and fun “naughty monkey” theme.  


Two-toned yellow paint goes perfectly with the gold forks and yellow rear shock springs. The careful black pinstriping on the sides of the tank and the side covers gives it an extra crispness, echoed in the black outline of troublemaker mascot Bobby Banana. It’s yellow and black, but rest assured it’s all bananas and no bumblebees. The chrome accents, including the fender and round mirrors, really finish the look off perfectly.  


Maybe you’re not a fan of yellow, though. That’s cool, because Cub House’s most recent Monkey Custom Edition is the red and silver Johney Red Edition. This one gets a cool red and silver paint job, with red side covers, a red and black Johney Red logo painted on the silver tank, and a red anodized front fork. As with the Bobby Banana edition, chrome round mirrors and fender work well with the chosen paint scheme.  

Gallery: Cub House Honda Monkey Customs 2021

In 2021, these are the only two Monkey Custom Editions that CUB House has introduced so far. However, CH has released more Monkey Custom Editions in past years, so it’s possible there may be more to come later in the year. If you’re interested in learning more, or in picking one up if you’re in Thailand, there’s a signup form to learn more over on the official CUB House website. 

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