Do you like giant robots? If you’re someone who finds enjoyment in both minimotos and enormous mechs, then K-Speed Customs has just the thing for you. The Thai custom shop worked its magic on a Honda Grom yet again, and the results must be seen to be believed. 

You see, K-Speed created a Honda Grom designed to evoke the Gundam RX-78-2, as originally introduced in the Mobile Suit Gundam anime all the way back in 1979. The Gundam franchise has lasted for decades now, but K-Speed decided to take this 2021 build back to where it all began. There’s no word on if it’s packing a Gundam Hammer or other armaments underneath those body panels, but we can say that it doesn’t look like it in the photos. 

For those unfamiliar, K-Speed is a Thai shop that builds custom bikes, and also sells aftermarket accessories and bolt-on kits so you can customize the look of your bike at home. The shop posted photos of its Gundam Grom on Instagram, where it simply called it a “Grom Gundam Limited Edition by K-SPEED.” As of May 3, 2021, there’s no mention of the Gundam Grom on K-Speed's website just yet, so it’s unclear if this is a one-off build, or if K-Speed plans to make this kit available for sale in the future. 

Gallery: K-Speed Customs Honda Grom Gundam Limited Edition

Naturally, questions of licensing would have to be involved if K-Speed was to sell this kit to the public. In December, 2020, A.P. Honda—the official Honda subsidiary in Thailand—collaborated on a limited-edition machine with Dream Express Company Limited, which currently holds the Gundam copyright. That bike was the Honda Monkey Gundam Limited Edition, which sold as a limited edition for 129,900 baht (about $4,169) and came with a special box of limited-edition Gundam-related accessories.  

A.P. Honda Monkey Gundam Limited Edition

All this is to say that the idea of an officially licensed Gundam Honda minimoto is not without precedent. Recent precedent, even. So, could this K-Speed Grom Gundam Limited Edition be an upcoming bolt-on accessories kit so you can make your Grom fulfil your Gundam dreams? We can’t say for sure at this point, but we wouldn’t count that possibility out yet, either. If and when we learn otherwise, we will definitely let you know.  

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