It’s the end of March, 2021, and we’re in the thick of the Bangkok International Motor Show. So far, Honda has unveiled this gorgeous matte black Super Cub and, up at the big end of the displacement spectrum, the Honda Rebel 1100. Back down toward the displacement range favored by most Thai riders, there’s another 125cc model update you really need to know about. 

Now, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that Honda took the newly-updated 125cc engine introduced in the third-generation Grom, and has now put it inside an updated Honda Monkey. That means the new Monkey now gets a 5-speed gearbox, which will be a definite plus for riders.  

It will be released in Thailand as a 2021 model, in three colors: yellow, red, and black. All three colorways feature duo-tone paint, with the main color + matte silver taking top position on the tank, instead of the other way around. The updated Monkey also gets cast black wheels, which look quite nice on all three colors.  

Gallery: 2021 Honda Monkey Update - Thailand

As with the previous Monkey model, the USD fork is carefully color-coordinated to match. The yellow and silver gets a gold fork, while the red and silver gets red, and the black and silver gets black. The previous model had an LED taillight, while the updated version appears to get an LED headlight and turn signals, as well.  

Pricing and availability information hasn’t been released yet for the updated Monkey in Thailand. It’s also reasonable to assume that we’ll see the updated Monkey swing across the ocean to other markets in the future. There’s no telling when that could happen, or what color options will be available once it does. Here’s hoping that duo-tone matte silver + some-other-color scheme turns up elsewhere, because Honda did a very nice job with it.


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