We recently wrote about Tom Cruise and his reputation for performing a lot of his own stunts—including a particularly breathtaking motorcycle jump off a cliff in Norway. Folks, Cruise isn’t the only one who does his motorcycle stunts. Long Way Up’s very own demonstrated his wild side by performing what can only be qualified as a spectacular motorcycle stunt on the Tonight Show.   

During an interview with McGregor, host Jimmy Fallon challenged the actor to complete a motorcycle jump over Obi-Wan Kenobi. Well, ok. Not the character himself but rather an action figure of Obi-Wan Kenobi.   

As Fallon puts it, McGregor is “basically attempting to jump over himself, which has never been done.” The SNL alumni admitted that he fully expected McGregor’s people to turn down the offer—and in fact, they were against the actor accepting the challenge. Ain’t nobody telling young Obi-Wan Kenobi what to do! Against all advice—including legal—the Star Wars actor accepted and performed the that will surely go down in history. Not like, history books history. Maybe more like happy hour anecdote history.  

Ensue what are possibly the silliest thirty seconds of our day as we watch McGregor ride up and jump off a small ramp on a Honda Monkey, over said Obi-Wan action figure. A small bike for a small obstacle—it all makes sense.   

One can’t help but appreciate all the work that went into setting up and editing what is basically a hilariously pointless event. McGregor’s childish willingness to participate is part of the charm and only cements the actor’s “good, fun guy” aura we got from him during our Long Way Up interview.   

Everyone should have the almost three minutes required to watch the single video that will give you a sensible chuckle today. Trust us, we’re doctors, we only want what’s good for you and laughter is good.   

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