While motorcycle manufacturers like Honda sell some models in multiple markets, by now, you’re probably used to the idea that we don’t all get the same things. That said, the 2021 Bangkok International Motor Show just opened on March 24, 2021, and is scheduled to run through April 4. It’s also where Honda just introduced this great matte black colorway for the Super Cub C125, but there’s a little more to it than just that. 

Over here, in the States, our 2021 Super Cub has a solo seat, and also comes in a single color: Pearl Nebula Red. It’s a fine color, to be sure. However, a quick look at Thailand’s Super Cub offerings for 2021 reveals that Thai riders have a choice of five colorways: White, Red, Pink/White, Blue/White, and Yellow/White. Will this beautiful matte black with a contrasting red saddle be sold as a 2022 color option, or some kind of limited edition, or what? Signage at the Auto Show doesn’t indicate a limited edition, but we’re not sure just yet.  

Another difference worth noticing is that the Thai-market 2021 Super Cub comes with a single, long two-up saddle, along with a chrome grab rail that runs along behind and beside it. That is, of course, down to the differences in how most riders tend to use their Super Cubs between the two places. In the U.S., fewer riders will ride C125s two-up than you’ll probably see in Thailand.  

However, this new matte black Super Cub is different from the Thai 2021 Super Cub lineup, as well. Look closely, and you’ll see that instead of a single two-up saddle, this variant features a striking split saddle, which also delivers maximum visual impact because it’s finished in a matte, bright red leatherette material. Whoever is making these aesthetic decisions at Honda definitely needs a raise, because it’s gorgeous. 

The contrast is accented even further by the red Super Cub badges just underneath the saddle and on the front grille of the bike, just below the LED headlight. Matte black round mirrors, wheels, and a matte black exhaust cover give this entire Super Cub a thoroughly modern look. It’s an appealing combination of past, present, and future, and makes this Super Cub seem fresh and new, even though Honda has been steadily updating this basic design for longer than many of us have been alive. 

It’s unclear when this matte black colorway will be available for sale, or even if it will be, though we can’t imagine that it’s only a one-off display model. The split saddle is an interesting styling choice, as well. Was it done for aesthetic reasons, or was there some consideration about COVID-related shielding for potential passengers? After all, some countries where motorcycle taxis are more common have taken plexiglass shielding measures over the past year. In any case, practical or otherwise, it’s an interesting choice. 

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