Sometimes, things just work so well that they withstand the test of time. We’ve seen this quite a few times in the motorcycle world, particularly with Honda. To this day, classic models with tons of history continue to roll off showroom floors. Yes, bikes like the Cub and Monkey have been updated to modern standards. However, underneath, they still follow the same formula for which they were loved for many decades.

Some of you may be familiar with a small commuter called the CG125. First released in 1976 by Honda of Japan, this small, no-frills commuter provided mobility to folks from all walks of life. Thanks to its very practical platform and robust construction, it was a true workhorse. Ever since 1976, the CG125 has been in production in multiple parts of the world, albeit not consistently. In Japan, the CG125 stopped production in 2008. Meanwhile, in Pakistan, the bike has been available since 1992. The most recent iteration comes to us from China, from Wuyang Honda, the Japanese giant’s Chinese counterpart.

Wuyang Honda Releases 30th Anniversary Edition CG125 In China

For the 2022 model year, the CG125 gets a special edition to celebrate the bike’s 30th Anniversary in the market. Dubbed the CG125 Special, the commuter gets a new colorway, as well as a few premium touches that give it an added dash of classic styling to commemorate the bike’s relaunch in the market way back in 1992. For starters, the most striking detail about the bike is its blue and white colorway. Adorned with the Honda wing logo, as well as a 3D emblem bearing the Wuyang Honda logo.

Up top, the CG125 Special gets a fancy ribbed saddle upholstered in faux leather. Fork gaiters give the front end a retro look, while the blacked out fenders, engine, and running gear give the bike a sleeker aesthetic. Lastly, the CG125 Special gets analogue gauges, a rectangular headlight, and matching rectangular turn indicators adding to its retro utilitarian charm.

As for performance, the CG125 gets an extremely fuel-efficient engine consisting of a 125cc, air-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine. With 9.8 horsepower on tap, it’ll certainly make for a leisurely ride around the city, and a capable commuter in rush-hour traffic. The fact that Honda claims an impressive fuel mileage of 131 miles per gallon means that fuel stops will be far and few in between. The best part? It retails for just CNY 7,480, translating to around $1,184 USD.

Wuyang Honda Releases 30th Anniversary Edition CG125 In China
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