In 2021, Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Benda made the headlines when it released its LFC 700 cruiser. It was, indeed, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before thanks to its strange layout and unique powerplant. At a glance, it took the form of a laidback power cruiser similar to the Ducati Diavel. However, underneath its bodywork lies a 680cc inline-four engine. Now, I can’t think of any other modern cruiser that’s powered by an inline-four.

Shortly after the debut of the LFC 700, Benda unveiled a sportier, flat-track-esque iteration called the LFS 700. Sporting the same powerplant, similar styling, and a slightly sportier riding position, the LFS 700 was packaged to be more to the liking of a wider range of riders. True enough, the bike was released several months ago in China, and has been met with surprising demand. In fact, so many people want this bike, that Benda has closed reservations in order to keep up with demand. Understandably so, as it retails for the equivalent of around $6,100 USD.

Benda Unveils New Tang Knife Naked Streetfighter

The LFS 700, its radical styling notwithstanding, indeed presents itself as remarkable value for money. Apart from the Benelli TNT 600, it’s the only other Chinese motorcycle to feature an inline-four engine—an engine configuration loved using many simply because of its sound. Its feature list is pretty impressive, too, with KYB suspension components and Brembo brakes as standard. It even gets a full-color TFT display complete with smartphone connectivity.

Performance-wise, the LFS 700 puts out power figures similar to that of the Honda CB650R. With 92.5 horsepower on tap at 11,000 rpm, it’s surely a screamer, and capable of pretty high speeds, especially in the Chinese and neighboring markets, which have long been dominated by sub-200cc scooters and commuters. Benda has plans of releasing its model range in Europe, and the company has already started work setting up a dealer network. There isn’t any word yet if a U.S. debut is in the horizon, however, Benda, with its unique and enticing bikes, could certainly pose an exciting proposition for many riders.

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