From December 1 through 12, 2021, the Bangkok Motor Expo will light up the Thai automotive scene, bringing new cars and motorbikes to the masses. That also means it’s time for Honda’s minibike and lifestyle motorcycle shop/cafe Cub House to unveil yet another new Monkey Custom Edition to ring in the new year. What’s on tap for 2022? 

While 2021 brought us the Bobby Banana and Johney Red editions to start off the year, as well as the extremely excellent and very limited edition Hot Wheels Monkey in August, it looks like 2022 is starting off on a chill vibe. The orange and brown-hued Sammy Sand Monkey Custom Edition is scheduled to make its worldwide debut at the Bangkok Motor Expo 2021, which starts tomorrow at the time of writing. 

Sporting black alloy wheels and a terrific cream, orange, and dark brownish-black paint scheme on the tank, the pièce de résistance has to be the special Sammy Sand tank badge. Done in a black-on-chrome color scheme, it’s a proud three-quarter profile of our primate protagonist, Sammy Sand. He’s clad in a classic open-face motorcycle helmet with goggles hitched up over his brow, and you can see the lines of his similarly classic moto jacket just coming into view around the Monkey logo at the bottom.  

Gallery: Honda Cub House Sammy Sand Monkey Special Edition

The side covers are cream, with special Monkey graphics proudly on display. The black tuck-and-roll saddle, with its characteristic white piping, helps to complete the overall look of this piece. Chrome fenders, chrome bezels around the gauge pod and headlight, and chrome accents around the front and rear turn signals and brake light keep it classic and timeless. As with Bobby Banana and Johney Red, we’d expect that there will be some limited-edition clothing and accessories featuring Sammy Sand on offer exclusively at Cub House brick-and-mortar locations throughout Thailand.  

Much like those two previous Monkey Custom Editions, Cub House’s advertised price for the Sammy Sand edition is ฿108,900, or about $3,242. That’s less than the U.S. MSRP for a standard Monkey in 2021 (which is $4,199, if you wondered). However, comparative price calculations for international OEMs are almost never a straight conversion, anyway.  

As with the previous Cub House Monkey Custom Editions, there don’t seem to be any plans to make these editions available anywhere else. We Monkey fans who live elsewhere will simply have to content ourselves with appreciating them from afar.

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