Here in February, 2022, it looks like the folks over at Cub House Honda in Thailand are back at it again. What’s “it,” you ask? Why, showing the rest of the world a glimpse at an excellent Honda mini moto life we only wish we had. From special Thailand-only editions to colorways and accessories (and merch, like excellent shirts), it really seems like Cub House has everything a modern Honda mini moto fan could want.  

This time, it’s a new colorway for the Honda CT125, also known as the Trail125 in America, and the Hunter Cub in other markets. In addition to the beautiful Pearl Organic Green colorway introduced in Japan in late 2021, it seems the CT125 will soon hit roads and trails in a tidy, inviting, bright white color in Thailand.  

If you visit the Cub House Honda webpage, you won’t find this color yet—only the bright red we get in the U.S., as well as the green and khaki colors also sold in Japan (and probably elsewhere, but not in the U.S.). You’ll also find a slew of accessories to kit out your CT125 for all your adventures, from rear, mid, and front racks to Barkbuster hand guards. Handy soft rear cases to fit on a rear rack are available, as well. 

Gallery: Honda CT125 - White

Back to the new advertising images that seem to depict a white Hunter Cub, though. Cub House posted these on their social media pages, as part of a couple of more recent hashtag campaigns that CHH has been fostering. You’ll find more carefully composed shots of all of Honda’s current minimoto lineup with the tags #MyHiddenPleasure and #HubOfHiddenPleasure across all of Cub House’s internet presences.  

There are some other things to note besides the color, too. In many of these shots, there’s a new split saddle for rider and pillion on the CT125—not unlike how the 2022 Super Cub 125 seems to be sold in markets outside the U.S. (I’ve already gone on at length about how I wish we got that split saddle here, so I’ll spare you my salt this time around.) There’s also a slimmer rear rack in some of these photos, as opposed to the wider rear rack that’s currently available. Will any of these things make their way to other markets? As always, we can live in hope—and be a little envious of the markets where these cool options do eventually show up.

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