You know how in cartoons when it’s love at first sight and some character visibly gets hearts in their eyes? That’s totally me with the Super Cub, and that’s been especially true ever since we first got a glimpse at its new matte black and red colorway. Honda first unveiled that particular update at the Bangkok Motor Show earlier in 2021, and we were extremely hopeful that wouldn’t be the only market we’d see it in. (Come closer, little Cub!) 

Fast-forward a few months to June 21, 2021, and Honda Motor Europe is making it happen, people! The House That Soichiro Built unveiled the 2022 Honda Super Cub 125 European release with its newly Euro 5-compliant air-cooled engine. Let’s take a long, lingering look at this absolutely iconic beauty.  

New for 2022, the Super Cub 125’s engine is an air-cooled, single overhead cam, 124cc unit that Honda says uses the redesigned crankcases from the current Japanese-market C110, coupled with the top end from the most recent Honda Grom redesign. Bore is 50mm, stroke is 63.1mm, and compression is set at 10.0:1. Claimed peak horsepower is 9.65 hp at 7,500 rpm, with peak torque of 7.67 ft-lbs at 6,250 rpm. In terms of ponies, Honda says that’s a 0.13 horsepower increase over the previous version. At first glance, that may seem fairly miniscule, but it still isn’t exactly nothing when the numbers are so small to begin with. The real question will be what it feels like to ride, as it always is.  

Gallery: 2022 Honda Super Cub 125

A shiny new engine demands a better breathing apparatus to do its best work, doesn’t it? A smaller airbox with a new connecting tube and new injector positioning reportedly helps to optimize the new Super Cub 125’s efficiency. Since what goes in must also come out, Honda left the visual appearance of the new exhaust as close to its old look as possible, and instead decided it was what’s inside that counts. Out went the old dual-catalyzer system on the old exhaust, and in came a new, more efficient, single catalyzer, paired with a new ECU to keep everything running smoothly, efficiently, and within Euro 5 requirements. You still get a four-speed gearbox paired with an automatic centrifugal clutch, with no clutch lever. You simply select your gear with your left foot at a stop, and away you go.  

Combining classic styling with modern reliability and comfort is one of Honda’s goals with the 2022 Super Cub 125. While the styling is distinctively retro-modern, you also get LED lighting all around, as well as the Honda Smart Key system, as well as a fully digital display up front. Both you and your passengers will be happy to note that both the telescopic fork and the twin rear shocks feature new springs. The rear shocks also get new bump stops, as well, for added riding comfort. A pair of 17-inch die-cast aluminum wheels come shod with tubeless tires, and a single 220mm front disc brake and a 110mm rear drum brake bring you safely to a stop.  

The 2022 Honda Super Cub 125 comes in Matt Axis Gray Metallic, and will cost £3,499 (or about $4,868) in the U.K. Date of availability is unknown at this time, but for pricing and availability information anywhere Super Cubs are sold, your best bet is to reach out to your local authorized Honda dealer to find out more. 

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