What’s more fun than owning one of Honda’s excellent minimotos, such as the Trail 125/CT125/Hunter Cub? Customizing said minimoto, of course! K-Speed Customs already gifted the world this Gundam Grom and the custom Monkey it built into a Gorilla. If you want something a little more rugged and dirt-oriented, though, you may be looking for Dirtfreak’s CT125 Survival ADV build. 

As with K-Speed, Dirtfreak created this bike to show off its ever-growing parts catalog, filled with all sorts of bits and bobs to make owning your CT125 even more of a treat. You want a cool wooden cargo box for that back rack? Cool. Skid plate? Of course. Maybe you need a fishing rod holder, because you never know what kind of adventure you’re going to have? Say no more. 

Ever since motorcycles have been a thing, those who choose to ride them have found ways to make them do exactly what they want and need. Sometimes, those modifications worked—and sometimes, they didn’t. Still, no one learns to walk without falling down a few times, so why wouldn’t we expect the same situation here?  

Gallery: Dirtfreak Honda CT 125 Survival ADV Custom

While the aesthetic appeal is definitely off the charts, that’s far from all there is to the Dirtfreak catalog. Function and form are present in equal measure. There’s plenty of protection for all the parts of your CT125 that might get damaged during your trail rides, from Adventure Armor Handguards to engine protection and headlight guards. A side stand extender may make it easier when you’re parking on uneven ground, and the wide footpegs will probably make standing up a bit easier when you’re doing it on the regular.  

Prices range from 484 yen (about $4.39) for air valve mudguards up to 60,500 yen (about $549) for a set of LED fog lights. Some items are already available as of June 18, 2021, while others are due out later this year. The catalog makes mention of items you can expect to see in the future. If you’re in Japan and you have a CT125, or you’ll be getting one soon, you may want to tuck this link in your folder for your handy future reference.  

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