Six buddies are preparing for the journey of a lifetime aboard the most unlikely of motorcycles. Naturally, a six-day long ride across six different countries is best suited for sport-tourers or adventure bikes. A tiny machine like a Honda C90 clearly has no business covering such a distance in such a short amount of time. This is exactly what these six riders are out to do, and it's for a good cause. 

John Haynes, along with five of his friends, seek to cover a total of 1,368 miles aboard their little Hondas. COVID restrictions permitting, the six musketeers are targeting to launch their adventure at the end of May 2022. The trip is set to start at Winterton in Lincolnshire, and culminate in Benidorm, a town in Spain. Perhaps the best part of it all is that the six folks aren't doing this just for kicks. They're doing this to raise money for the Lindsey Lodge Hospice, a retirement home that cared for John's father Rod Haynes, who was a speedway racer back in the '70s. 

In a report published by MCN, John expressed that it was a challenge to source six Honda C90s, let alone bikes of this age in good enough shape to embark on the trip. After some time, however, he and his buddies were able to source six machines—four of them red, two of them blue. The team has been working on their bikes rather extensively, experimenting with gearing, and of course, repair and maintenance. John is pretty confident that their bikes can make the trip, even stating that they've gone out and tested the bikes on a 60-mile run. 

The trip is expected to cover 1,368 miles. It will take John and the boys across six different countries in the span of six days. According to the MCN report, John and the team plan to cover around 300 miles per day, and carry all their camping gear and essentials with them. "We are planning to cover about 300 miles per day and camp en route with gear that we will carry with us as we didn’t want to make it too easy! The guys who are coming are all mechanically minded and they can all dig deep if we need to do a 12-hour day… or more. We know that there will be mishaps along the, but that’s all part of it."

Six Honda C90s To Ride Across Six Countries For A Good Cause

In total, John and his friends hope to raise around £10,000, or the equivalent of $13,531 USD, for the Lindsey Lodge Hospice. Of course, kind souls reading this story can hop on over anytime to JustGiving (link below),and donate whatever amount suits you. Surely, any amount will go a long way in helping John and his cause. 

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