Aftermarket accessories specialist Kijima makes a lot of parts for a lot of bikes—including the Honda Grom. To start off 2022, it released a handful of items to fit your third-generation Grom, including a choice LED turn signal kit that fits first, second, and third-gen bikes. Let’s take a look. 

LED head- and taillights are great, and are found more often than not on new bikes. Turn signals are another matter, so Kijima made a bolt-on kit that converts any generation of Grom over to both front and rear LED turn signals, in a very tidy configuration. They come with ECE certification, as well. The kit comes with four turn signals, mounting bases, relays, conversion coupler, and wiring harness. Importantly, Kijima designed this kit so you can use these turn signals with both the Kijima meter guard and passenger grab rail we’re about to discuss. 

Going from front to back, Kijima decided to go black steel for a range of three new third-gen Grom accessories to make your life a little easier. Up front, Kijima crafted a simple black steel meter guard that easily mounts up around the gauge cluster. In addition to providing protection, it also makes an extremely handy place to mount all the modern accessories that many riders rely on in 2022. From your smartphone to your dedicated GPS and/or action camera, this handy bar has ample space to clamp your devices down securely for your next ride. 

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Next up is a very stylish set of engine guards. They’re simple, aesthetically pleasing, and bolt right on to protect your ride while also looking tough. Back at the tail section, Kijima introduced a minimalist black steel grab rail for your pillion, which bolts on and echoes the overall lines of the stock taillight’s shape. Visually, it almost appears to be a frame for the taillight, depending on your viewing angle.  

What are all these parts going to cost you? Prices on Kijima’s website range from ¥ 9,900 (about $86) for the meter guard up to ¥ 19,800 (about $172) for the LED turn signal kit. Prices quoted on Kijima’s website include Japanese consumption tax, and do not include shipping. Kijima has its own online store, and parts retailers including Webike also offer the brand’s items for sale.

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