CFMoto, one of the fastest-growing Chinese motorcycle manufacturers, has been in the headlines recently, particularly in Asia, Europe, and Australia. To begin with, the 700 CL-X Sport has only recently been offered on the international market. In addition, CFMoto's relationship with Austrian motorcycle maker KTM resulted in the 800MT adventure bike, which is now making its way across the world, most recently in the Philippines.

CFMoto's outstanding value for money, performance, and reliability have constantly impressed the market. It seems that the brand is on the right track in terms of improving the otherwise negative perception of Chinese-made motorcycles. The 800MT is CFMoto's first foray into a higher-end market, as it stands apart from the rest of the company's inventory. The bike was designed in collaboration with KTM and has a version of the 799cc LC8 parallel-twin engine. With 95 horsepower, it's by far the most powerful bike in CFMoto's lineup. It also includes KYB suspension components and cornering ABS as standard equipment.

2021 CFMoto 800MT - Main

On February 12, 2022, the CFMoto 800MT was formally presented in the Philippine market via an online event. It will be available in two models: Sport and Touring. The main difference between the two motorcycles is their wheel configurations, with the Sport having regular alloy wheels. The Touring model includes premium wire-spoke wheels that are more durable and capable of managing tough terrain. They also give the bike its recognizable ADV aesthetic.

Of course, CFMoto included a slew of high-end amenities in the 800MT. As a result, we find amenities like a full-color TFT screen, ride-by-wire throttle, switchable riding modes, and even an up and down qucik shifter as standard equipment on this bike. This level of kit is something you'd expect to find on bikes far more expensive such as the Aprilia Tuareg 660, or even the new KTM 890 Adventure. When it comes to price, the CFMoto 800MT starts at a the equivalent of $10,300 USD for the Sport, and $11,300 USD for the Touring—significantly less than the competitors.

2021 CFMoto 800MT - Downhill

We know that CFMoto is slated to open its doors in the U.S. market very soon. However, the 800MT doesn’t appear to be in its initial model roster. Who knows, though, maybe this could change, especially given the rapidly increasing popularity of the middleweight adventure bike segment?

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